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OS-Base Information!

August 15, 2017  By Administrator

We're glad you finally found OS-Base which means your search for the best OSRS RSPS is finally over. OS-Base offers experienced developers such as Frosty and Dessoir. Both of those developers have a degree in computer science. Os-Base also offers a unique amount of content and has an astonishing amount of players.

Not only that, but Os-Base is a mesmerizing place to be due to the amount of bosses that are offered such as Kraken, King Black Dragon, and most of all the Corporal Beast! Os-Base even offers inferno and wilderness bosses! Os-Base Staff Members also host multiple events for players to win amazing rewards! Os-Base has multiple game modes such as casual, normal, and hard mode. Os-Base also offers an ironman system and even a distinctive combat system.

Are you ready for your adventure here on Os-base?

August 15, 2017  By Administrator

Get ready to be a part of a thrilling community and everlasting fun. Our objective is to give you an enjoyable and memorable experience. Who knows, maybe you'll tell your kids someday how you used to grind on Os-Base all day every day.

Overall, you can conclude that Os-Base is a fun server to play with a friendly and massive community. We're always striving for greatness so with that being said, go ahead and show everyone what you're capable of doing on OS-Base!